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Living In Lake Worth Beach: Pros, Cons, And Top-Rated Moving Company

Situated a mere 11 miles south of Palm Beach, the city of Lake Worth Beach, Florida, offers a unique blend of tropical climate, vibrant culture, and diverse population.

Despite being a smaller city with a population of just over 38,000, it is replete with scenic beaches and popular attractions. However, it also presents challenges including a high crime rate and cost of living.

This article provides an insightful overview of the city, residential aspects, and a top-rated moving company, Meehans Family Moving.

With over two decades of experience, Meehans Family Moving provides exceptional services, contributing to a seamless transition for those considering this location.

Living In Lake Worth Beach

Additionally, this article offers an in-depth examination of the local real estate landscape and lifestyle, backed by extensive research on local events and businesses.

If one values freedom and wishes to explore the potential of Lake Worth Beach, this article serves as a comprehensive guide.

City Overview

Lake Worth Beach, located 11 miles south of Palm Beach, Florida, is a city with a population of 38,010 people.

It is characterized by its sunny weather, nice beaches, and a cost of living that is similar to the state average. However, it also has a crime rate higher than the national average.

The city's demographic makeup is diverse, and the median age is 37 years. The housing market reflects a balance with 56% of the residents opting for rented spaces, averaging $1,557 per month, while the rest invest in homes with an average price of $324,000.

Despite the high crime rate, there are safe neighborhoods like South Palm Park and College Park.

The city's tropical climate and attractions like Bryant Park and Lake Worth Beach Park provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities, contributing to an overall sense of freedom.

Residential Insights

Residential insights reveal that the average home price in the locale is $324,000, and 56% of residents opt for renting, with the average rent price standing at $1,557 per month.

This indicates a preference for flexibility and a potential barrier to homeownership due to the relatively high cost of property.

Nevertheless, the cost of living is only 4% higher than the national average, implying a moderate affordability for a beachfront city.

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While the crime rate is elevated, areas such as South Palm Park, College Park, and Oakwood Lakeworth offer safer neighborhoods.

The city's lifestyle offerings include tropical weather, beach access, and diverse culinary experiences.

The Palm Beach School District provides educational facilities, and job opportunities are plentiful, particularly in city services and supply industries.

Meehans Family Moving

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